नागपुरात मानसिक संतुलन कोणाचे बिघडले आहे ?

नागपुरचे पत्रकार रविंद्र दासगुप्ता यांची दुर्देवी कहाणी बेरक्या आणि लोकमतने प्रकाशित केल्यानंतर नागपुरातील पत्रकार संघटना उघड्या पडल्या आहेत.या संघटना दासगुप्तांना मदत करण्याऐवजी त्यांना वेडा ठरवत आहेत.दासगुप्ता श्रीमंत आहेत,त्यांचे मानसिक संतुलन बिघडले आहे,असा जावाईशोध या संघटनांनी लावला आहे.

मित्रानो, दासगुप्ता यांनी नागपूर टाइम्समध्ये प्रुफ रिडर म्हणून सोळा वर्षे काम केले आहे.ऐवढेच नाही तर त्यांनी टोपण नावाने लिखाण केले आहे.असे असताना,दासगुप्ता पत्रकार नाहीत,हे म्हणणे कितपत योग्य आहे.बातम्या लिहिणारा व्यक्ती म्हणजे पत्रकार आणि पत्रकारांनी लिहिलेल्या बातम्या तपासणारा पत्रकार होवू शकत नाही का ?

एक वेळ हा भाग सोडा,आपल्यात काही माणुसकी शिल्लक आहे की नाही? दासगुप्ता हे एक माणूस आहेत,आणि माणसाने माणसाला मदत करू नये का ?

दुसरे असे की,दासगुप्ता यांचे मानसिक संतुलन बिघडले आहे,
असे सांगणार्याकडे  वैद्यकीय डीग्री आहे का ? कोणत्या आधारे असे ते म्हणतात ? दुसऱ्यास मानसिक संतुलन बिघडले आहे,म्हणणारे पत्रकार संघाच्या पदाधिकाऱ्यांचेही मानसिक संतुलन बिघडले आहे का,असा प्रश्न आहे.

लोकमत प्रतिनिधीने प्रत्यक्ष त्यांची भेट घेवून बातमी दिलेली आहे.नागपुरचे पत्रकार सुरेश चरडे दररोज त्यांची भेट घेत आहेत.त्यांना कधीच दासगुप्तांचे मानसिक संतुलन बिघडले आहे,असे दिसून आले नाही.दासगुप्तांनी भेट न घेता,त्याच्याबद्दल
गरळ ओकणाऱ्यास आपण काय म्हणाल ?

मित्रानो,दासगुप्तांना आम्ही एक माणूस म्हणून मदत करण्याचे आवाहन आपणास केले आहे.त्यात आमचा कसलाही स्वार्थ नाही.याबाबत आपणच योग्य निर्णय घ्यावा.

असो,नागपूर श्रमिक पत्रकार संघ आणि पत्रकार कल्याण ट्रस्टच्या अध्यक्षांनी जो आम्हाला ई-मेल केला आहे,तो जसाचा तसा प्रकाशित करीत आहोत.निर्णय आपण घ्यायचा आहे.


Apologise or face legal action: NUWJ to Berkya Narad.com

The Nagpur Union of Working Journalists (NUWJ) strongly condemns the shameless and brazen attempt by some disgruntled elements and pseudo journalists of news website Berkya Narad.com to depict or project a specially challenged person and former proof-reader of now-defunct Nagpur Times Shri Rabindra Dasgupta and his family in such a bad light.

Instead of sympathising with Shri Dasgupta and helping him, these pseudo journalists have brought disrepute to the entire journalistic fraternity in central India by making public the disability of a medically unsound former media person, who is battling acute sleep disorder (called ‘Somnipathy’ in medical terms) and memory disorder for nearly four decades now.

First of all, Shri Rabindra Dasgupta is not a rag-picker or beggar or pauper!!!

He comes from a very good and resourceful family. He is the only son of Shri Narayan alias Baabla Dasgupta, who was the secretary of local Bengali Association and a very influential Bengali personality of Nagpur. The Dasguptas have a good house in posh Ramdaspeth area (which is also known as Kuber Nagari of the city). He is living with one of his sisters, who was a lecturer in a Nagpur-based college.

Shri Dasgupta’s act or behaviour of picking rag or begging is an offshoot of his neurological disorder which he is battling for long now.Hitherto, other than Shri Dasgupta’s immediate family, only his former colleagues knew about his disability and always helped him in a manner they considered best.

But now the entire world knows about Shri Dasgupta’s disability, thanks to the news website Berkya Narad.com, which recently posted the news projecting Shri Dasgupta as a rag-picker and beggar sustaining on alms, thus defaming the Dasgupta family as also the entire journalistic fraternity here.

Quite evidently, these pseudo journalists have sought to settle personal scores whatsoever, with the former and present office-bearers of NUWJ and the Tilak Patrakar Bhavan Trust. For, nothing else can explain the uncouth claim of this news website that a non-journalist is heading the Tilak Patrakar Bhavan Trust, which actually is headed by a very senior journalist who is associate editor of one of the leading English dailies of the country.

As for Shri Dasgupta, he was working with Nagpur Times as a proof reader and was never a full-fledged writer. How can a person with such neurological disorder train professional journalists is a million dollar question?????
Therefore, it is quite clear that those at the helm of affairs at Berkya Narad.com do not know who Shri Dasgupta is and what his family background and problems are. They posted the news on their website without verifying facts from any of the former colleagues of Shri Dasgupta.

Also, the NUWJ feels very sorry about these elements, who evidently seem to have entered the profession of journalism long after Nagpur Times had become a history and Shri Dasgupta and many others were left to fend for themselves.

Such acts only expose the mental bankruptcy of these mischievous elements and pseudo journalists.

Therefore, the NUWJ seeks unconditional apology from the news website Berkya Narad.com within 7 days failing which appropriate legal action will be initiated.

As for the former colleagues of Shri Dasgupta, the NUWJ is sure they will continue to help him in the manner they have been doing for over two and a half decades now!!!

B S Tripathi                         Anupam Soni
President, NUWJ.          General Secretary, NUWJ.


I was disturbed to read a news item in Lokmat on Tuesday regarding

Rabindra Dasgupta, who was a proof reader in Nagpur Times, now begs

for livelihood. The news also appeared in a Marathi website along with

a couple of pics of Dasgupta that blamed the Nagpur-based journalists

and journalists association for not helping him.

Dasgupta is the only son of Bhablu Dasgupta, who was the secretary of

local Bengali Association and a very affluent Bengali personality of

Nagpur. The Dasguptas have a good house in posh Ramdaspeth area

(Which is known as Kuber Nagri). He is living with his sister, who

was a lecturer in a Nagpur-based college.

As he is mentally unsound, his family members have almost deserted him

for obvious reasons. Money is not a problem for Dasgupta family. His

being mentally challenged is the real problem. His problem has

aggravated in the past few years.

Even in Nagpur Times, those who have worked with him know quite well

that it were his colleagues because of whom his job was secure. It was

his colleagues who ensured that he remained untouched by the Naresh

Gadre management despite all his physical and mental inabilities.

Moreover, Dasgupta was working as a proof reader and was never a

full-fledged journalist. How can a mentally unsound proof reader train

professional journalists is a million dollar question????? (the

Marathi website claimed that he trained several journalists).

Therefore, only such people and pseudo journalists / media persons can

raise this issue who do not know who Dasgupta is and what is his

background and problems are.

So may God bless such pseudo journalists/ media persons for raising

such an ‘‘insanely non-important, non-issue issue.’’ Probably they

are not aware that Dasgupta had been admitted to mental hospital more

than a couple of times. So what point these elements are trying to

make is something beyond a normal person’s comprehension?????

So God bless these pseudo journalists!!!!!!!!

-Pradip Maitra <pradipmaitra@gmail.com>